We believe that it takes more than glossy advertising to build a brand in a sustainable way. Public Relations informs potential customers about the benefits of your products, the history and principles that your production is based upon as well as your latest product developments.

  • AMH creates articles and videos that support sustainable brand building in China and other markets in Greater Asia. Together with our partners around the world, we also bring the story of Chinese companies, business associations and NGO’s to foreign media when they expand outside China.
  • AMH is your partner for communicating to the press in China and Greater Asia. We develop and distribute your press releases and photographs. We also produce your Video News Releases (VNR’s) that enable newspapers, online media sites as well as social media to tell your story.
  • Video is also a more and more important tool in internal communications – we produce your online video, webcast or training video. AsiaMediaHouse also creates compelling events for your team or your clients that will bring lasting benefits to your business.