• AsiaMediaHouse develops and produces with its partners in Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East compelling content for Television, Online video sites and Corporate Communications. We can help Chinese companies and business associations to reach quality media especially in Europe and the Americas.
  • Launched in Beijing in 2015, AMH combines the ideas and talent of experienced producers, writers, communications experts and filmmakers to develop and produce articles, TV reports, webcasts, corporate videos as well as documentaries.
  • The team of AsiaMediaHouse consists of passionate media professionals from China and abroad. We are developing innovative content for media and corporations. We overcome language barriers and cultural differences with a multinational team in order to tell fascinating stories from China to the rest of world – as well as to bring stories with a peg to China to audiences here.

From first Ideas to Storyboard, from Production Planning, Location Scouting to Production, from Post-Production, Voice-Over Recording, Subtitling to Distribution: AMH combines the strengths of experienced media professionals from East and West, North and South.